How To Get The Best Door

As with any part of your house, you should take a fair amount of thinking when buying your interior door. If you are remodeling or just want to change the ambiance of a room, picking the right door is as important as the other parts of the room. To help you choose you can visit today to see their amazing collection of wooden doors.

There are a lot of factors but we’ll only focus on three main ones. These are door framing, door swing and door style.

Door Framing

The frame is the where the hinges of your door are attached to. They hold your door to the wall. You’d want to use only the strongest materials because, in the long run, it saves more money. A bespoke wooden door newcastle might be needed if the room is out of the normal size.  If you are not sure or don’t know how to frame, it is better to hire a professional help.

You can choose between a slab door or a pre-hung door. A slab door is just the actual door itself without a frame. A pre-hung door is already mounted to the frame with hinges attached.

Door Swing

Before going to the store be sure to identify how you would like the door to open. Check if it may hit something when it opens. The position of the knob should also be considered. There are some basic rules like a door should not open into a corridor or the main entrance of your home should always open inward.

Door Styles

You can experiment with the style of your door but it is advisable to match some of the elements in your home so that there is uniformity. The size of the room should be considered too when choosing the size of the door. Bigger rooms should use big doors likewise, small rooms should use smaller doors.

red doorThere a few types of doors to choose from:

  • Sliding doors -mostly used in closets
  • Folding doors – saves space and is used in laundry or pantries, good for small spaces
  • Panel doors – the most common door, used on home entrance
  • Dutch doors – a door divided horizontally, the top half can swing open
  • Pocket doors – basically the same as sliding doors except that its panel hides on the wall


Save Money by Doing Your Own Car Repair

impalaI spend a lot of money on car repairs on my 2000 Chevy Impala. When I look at the receipt, I noticed that most of the bill goes to labor (less than half goes to parts) and I started thinking that I could do some of this stuff myself. In full disclosure, I am not a car person. If I get a flat tire on the side of a highway, I will call AAA to come and change the tire rather than do it myself (I pay for AAA for a reason and I can never get the stupid bolts off). However, I have found a few car repairs that are much easier than changing a tire, but a lot of people don’t realize the simplicity of the repairs.

Oil Change–Purchase the oil and oil filter from an auto store for about $20. Not only do you know that the oil filter has been replaced with a brand new filter(I figured out one place that didn’t), you can also choose a higher grade oil (if you think it’s necessary) to put into your car. Total time: 30 minutes–Open the oil reserve (see, I don’t even know the technical terms), empty the oil, remove the oil filter, close the oil reserve (it just screws out), put on the new oil filter, and put oil in the car (this last step takes a little bit of time to make sure you put enough oil in). Money saved: $15

Change your air filter–I was quoted $60 by my local dealership to have my air filter changed, so I took it upon myself to figure out how to do it. You can buy a paper filter which you have to change more frequently for under $10. I purchased a K&N air filter which you clean every 50,000 miles, but is more costly. Changing your air filter will increase your fuel economy and increase the engine’s life span.

Total Time: 10 minutes

Money Saved: $50

Replace windshield wipers–2 decent windshield wiper blades cost about $14, and my dealership was charging about $50 to replace them. Total time: 10 minutes–you just pull off the old blades, and put on the new blades. The instructions come in the wiper blade packet if you’ve never done it before. Money Saved: $35

Change Battery–When my battery was about to die, I asked my dealership how much it would cost. They said in order for them to look at the problem would cost $100, and then they would bill accordingly. Needless to say, I was not going to give them a blank check to replace my battery. I drove to a chain auto parts store, borrowed a set of tools, and removed my battery. They diagnosed that my battery cells were dead and helped me pick out a new battery ($90). They also handled the disposal of my old battery ($8). Total Time: 60 minutes

Detailing–On a sunny day, a handful of quarters can pay for a complete car wash and interior cleaning at a do-it-yourself car wash. Total Time: 60 minutes

Total cost–$5. Money Saved: $70

Some additional car care information that I have found invaluable: When you’re getting gas; check your oil level, tire pressure (a pressure gauge costs about $2), and clean out the garbage from your car. When I have to wait in my car, I have Armor All wipes in the backseat and I clean my dashboard and interior. I also keep plastic grocery bags in the car. I use them for shopping trips (no extra plastic bags entering my apartment) and for tossing extra garbage that manages to accumulate in my car.